I have it in my Focus ST and I agree, works as intended. Not flashy, not fun, not cool, but does everything it intends to; works great with Android. My wife has a 2013 Explorer and also has it and it does everything well EXCEPT it is a total turd when it comes to the iPhone integration. Will it ring? Sometimes. … » 3/23/15 1:17pm 3/23/15 1:17pm

My wife was driving our Pontiac Vibe from dinner at the classiest eatery in the world, Olive Garden, with our two dogs in the car, a dalmatian and a yellow lab, and two kids she was babysitting. A pitbull ran across the road in front of her, and being the good dog lover she is, she decided to stop and call for the… » 3/09/15 12:45pm 3/09/15 12:45pm

I drove a Sterling 825 as a winter car when I was 20 (10 years ago). At that time the radio didn't work, the heater controls didn't work, and the door handles broke off when it was cold. You probably don't see them anymore because they're falling to pieces.

It was a fun car to learn to drive stick on. Had a decent… » 1/29/15 11:41am 1/29/15 11:41am

In my home town... speed limit is 55, suggested speed for these curves are 25... don't even have to break the speed limit to have a good time. They are banked well also... the blindness kind of ruins them a bit but still a load of fun. Bonus points if anyone knows where this is. » 9/30/14 9:13am 9/30/14 9:13am